Inger is not dead
4 April 2013 by Alex van Oostenrijk

Has it been 10 years? Unfortunately, yes. Still, I sometimes think of Inger and it seems its most important heritage is the compiler construction book (get it here) rather than the compiler itself. I think that book should be made available in HTML format for better access. Someday...

Inger 0.3 is out!
17 January 2003 by Alex van Oostenrijk

The 0.3 release of Inger is out! The Inger compiler works and we can build programs with it. Since Inger allows C interoperability, we are able to create  real-world programs with it, such as simple games. Work is underway to write some wrapper header files (.ih files) that allow Inger programs to call a  variety of Windows libraries (think DirectX).

The 0.3 release is sizeable (3 Mb), but that is mainly because it includes the LaTeX sources with PNG images for the compiler book, and Inger source examples.

Work is in progress on a no-nonsense Inger user manual, that gives you the scoop on this simple language in a minimum of pages.

Note: This release was previously called 1.0, but we decided to reserve this major version number for a more sizable implementation of the compiler, with more features.

Compiler Construction Book Released
12 January 2003 by Alex van Oostenrijk

The first version of our book on Compiler Construction is finished. It is a  comprehensive handbook on writing a compiler from scratch, in C. Topics include  lexical anlysis, LL(1) grammars, recursive descent parsing, building abstract  syntax trees, type checking, assorted semantic checks, and code generation.

Inger 0.1 Released
11 November 2002 by Alex van Oostenrijk

The first iteration of the inger compiler is finished. The parser is fully finished, and so is the abstract syntax tree module. The compiler also generates a symbol table. Work is in progress on semantic analysis (type checking) and code generation.